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Anna Kendrick Network: On Set of “The Last 5 Years” Day 4 Additions (

And more photos from “The Last 5 Years” set during day 4. Added lots of photos to the first two sets and I also added a new set of photos. Enjoy the new additions and lets cross fingers that we get more today.


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Anna Kendrick Network: More Photos from “The Last 5 Years” Kissing Scene (

Huge thanks to Anna for e-mailing me the following pictures of Anna and Jeremy Jordan filming a kissing scene for “The Last 5 Years”.


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Anna Kendrick Network: Another Day On “The Last 5 Years” Set (

Another day on set of the “The Last 5 Years” for Anna, another two sets of photos for us.

Anna looking stunning with her new blonde color especially in this new set filming a romantic scene with Jeremy Jordan.


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More photos of Anna Kendrick & Jeremy Jordan filming a romantic scene for "The Last 5 Years". Check all photos here.

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Anna on set of “The Last 5 Years” on June 20th. Full set here.

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Anna Kendrick Network: First “Drinking Buddies” Trailer is Here! (

First “Drinking Buddies” Trailer just got released on iTunes! We finally get to take a better look at Anna in many different scenes of the film. The trailer is already up in our video vault and HD captures are in our gallery, enjoy.


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First Official “Drinking Buddies” Trailer! Watch it here and check captures here.

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Anna Kendrick at “Comedy Bang! Bang!”. Check more at

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Anna Kendrick Network: Anna in “Comedy Bang! Bang!” (

As we posted some time ago, Anna is going to to a guest appearance in “Comedy Bang! Bang!”. I found a couple of still of her episode, check them out.


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Anna Kendrick Network: “The Last 5 Years” Filming Day 2 & 3 (

Seems like we are getting a lot of photos from “The Last 5 Years” set. I updated the gallery with another set of photos during Day 2 filming and some photos from yesterday filming in a completely different location.